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annunciate v : foreshadow or presage [syn: announce, harbinger, foretell, herald]

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  1. to inform that some future event will happen




  1. Form of Second-person plural imperative, annunciare#Italian|annunciare

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Annunciade (and various alternate spellings) is a denomination common to several orders, both religious and military, instituted with a view of the Annunciation.

Religious orders

The Servites also known as the Annunziata first religious order of this kind was instituted in 1232 by seven Florentine merchants. These are also called , i.e. servants.
The Annunciates of Lombardy also known as the Ambrosians, the Sisters of St. Ambrose, or the Sisters of St. Marcellina, were organized at Pavia in 1408 by young women from Venice and Pavia, under the direction of Father Beccaria, O.S.B., for the care of the sick.
The Franciscan Order of the Annonciades was a convent of nuns at Bourges, founded by Jeanne of France, after her divorce from Louis XII.
The Archconfraternity of the Annunciation was a charitable association founded by Cardinal Torrecremata at Rome in 1460 to provide doweries to girls from poor families.
The Celestian Annunciades was also a convent of sisters, founded by in Genoa by Bl. Maria Vittoria Fornari (b. 1562; d. 15 December, 1617) in 1602.

Military orders

Main article: Order of the Most Holy Annunciation
The Order of the Most Holy Annunciation was a military order instituted in 1350, by Amadeus, duke of Savoy. It was at first called the Order of the True Lover's Knots, in memory of a bracelet of hair presented to the founder by a Lady, but upon the election of Amadeus VIII to the pontificate in 1439, it changed its name for that of the Annunciation of the angel Gabriel.
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